Monday, September 24, 2018

Half Marathon Training - 6 best Half Marathon Training tips and advice

Half Marathon Training - 6 best Half Marathon Training tips and advice 
Half Marathon Training - 6 best Half Marathon Training tips and advice
Half Marathon Training - 6 best Half Marathon Training tips and advice

 today we're going to talk about half marathon training and I want to get right into the point of the key principles that I think will help your half marathon performance whether you're just looking to do your first half marathon and finish or you've done a couple half marathons and you're looking to improve your personal best time I think these are the most important key elements that you'll need to to reach that new level of fitness.
 the first most important thing with half marathon training that I've seen from observing Olympians I've trained with coaches that I've worked with as well as my own coaching business and personal experiences.

 half marathon tip 1. increase mileage

myself in the half marathon is that your weekly mileage is really important so keep a training vlog and write down how many miles you run each day and what what kind of intensity or pace you're putting in for those miles and most of the miles should be really easy if you're looking to increase your mileage say from 30 miles a week to 40 miles a week which i think is a good benchmark then you definitely want to increase maybe the number of days that you're running per week first so if you're only running four days a week maybe running five days or six days a week is going to help you a lot more and it's going to get in more consistent training and that's really the name of the game for extending your stamina improving your aerobic fitness with your heart and lungs and training your legs as well and so again most of these mileage increases could be really easy miles they should be a lot slower than your marathon race pace it should be maybe a minute per mile slower than what your goal marathon pace is but a real conversational pace something that you could you're not going to struggle in you could go out and run five miles and be able to carry on a conversation with your training partner not be totally out of breath so it's not painful miles they're just easy miles then increase your overall training volume and that's a really key element for improving your your endurance and your stamina training your heart and lungs and your legs is just increasing your easy mileage and that you know what goes along with that is you don't want to get injured so if you're running already 40 or 50 miles a week maybe and you try to bump up all Sun to 60 or 70 miles a week you might be overstressed you might not sleep enough we all have obligations time constraints family obligations so it's not worth to do it it's not worth to increase your mileage to a point where you're going to be overtraining you're going to be losing a ton of sleep and you're going to get a tendinitis or achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis or some sort of injury.

half marathon tip 2. get proper running shoes

my next topic which is get important gear get some really good shoes for your feet obviously being a Hocus monster athlete I wear ho cos they work well for me but go to a run specialty store.

half marathon tip 3. learn proper running technique

  get you know a diagnosis see what your running form is and hear their recommendations because a lot of specialty run stores really know their stuff and that being said also look at your personal injury history if you've been having the same sort of problems maybe you need to change something with your form so running form is also really important when you're adding more mileage to your training plan and when you're actually racing the half marathon and with mileage or sorry with running form you could check out my video here I'll link to it there form on a basic proper running technique because running forms really important to not only in to increase your speed but to be able to handle the more training miles and be able handle running faster and so having efficient form is going to save you both from getting injured and also being able to move more efficiently .

half marathon tip 4.  to do a tempo run

 a tempo run type of workout is what they're called and usually this entails doing a 20-minute run around your half marathon race pace or even slightly faster and really working on what we call as your lactate threshold that point right when you start breathing pretty hard and you start feeling that kind of burning sensation of the lactic acid and so this is more like doing a speed training specific workout for your half marathon and if you're wearing a heartrate monitor like I do a lot of times this is around 85% of your maximum heart rate type of effort or just just an 80% to 90% type of effort when you go out on a run and you want to do like a mile or two real slow easy jog warm-up to get ready for it maybe some stretching and then go into this this workout where you're running at a pace faster than your goal half marathon race pace for about 20 minutes or three miles you can even extend that a little even longer but that's a key type of workout to do to improve your fitness at half marathon distance and the other key workout that I'd implement into your training is the long run this goes with building your weekly mileage.

 half marathon tip 5. add in a long run

you want to have one day each week and usually for most people this is on the weekend where you actually do one long run that's significantly longer than your other weekly mileage types of days than your easy days so you know if you're looking to first finish your half marathon you don't necessarily need to run 13.1 miles before the race but maybe you want to build up to an 8 mile long run one week and then a couple weeks later you're doing nine miles and then eventually 10 miles at least depending on your weekly mileage if you're running less than 30 miles a week maybe you don't get up that far but if you're doing 4050 miles a week you probably do want to get up closer to the 10 to 12 mile long run range you can do that at a medium type of effort it doesn't have to be all-out you're not trying to run your half marathon race in a long run but you do want it to be a steady pace and you want to be able to increase your effort do a negative split long run where you actually increase the pace throughout the run so you're running faster at the end and that's really important for extending your endurance because 13.1 miles is still a endurance event and it's a long-distance event so your stamina and endurance is most important so long-run factors into helping your weekly mileage.

half marathon tip 6. add speed in intervals

 you're doing your tempo run the other key element of training that you need for half marathon is some sort of real fast speed workout and this doesn't mean you have to go out to track and sprint down the straightaways or even be on a track it doesn't mean you're sprinting necessarily but it means you're running how to pace significantly faster than your tempo run pace significantly faster and half marathon pace maybe you're getting closer to under 5k race pace if you've done a 5k or shorter type of race and these are shorter intervals usually you run maybe you're running 800 meter half-mile repeats around the track and you're doing these at a pace that's faster than your 5k race pace and you're doing these at an intensity that's pretty high it's going to be at least 90 percent of your maximum heart rate to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate or 90 to 95 percent effort and maybe you're doing five by 800 meters or you're doing a certain number of reps so you're doing at least two miles worth of these intervals and you're taking a real controlled rest in between each speed rep so if you're doing 800 meter repeats and you're running around 3 minutes or 330 maybe per rep you want to take a 2 to 3 minute rest so you're actually resting less than the time that it takes you to run the interval and it's a challenging workout and it's definitely going to work your heart and lungs close to your vo2 max your maximum aerobic capacity you're going to feel some Vernal acting acid but it's also going to train your legs to be able to have really strong push off force to have really good running mechanics in form and to be used to turning over a lot faster than your half marathon race pace because when then when you get out on the half marathon it's going to feel more like a comfortable sustainable pace a comfortable long run or even a jog ideally so you're doing these real fast short speed workouts you're doing your tempo run workouts and you're doing a long run and maybe you're not doing all three of those workouts in seven days but maybe you're doing them in a 10 day cycle or maybe you do two a week and then the next week you do a speed workout in a long run but those are the key elements that it takes to run your best half marathon thank you again for all the subscriptions all the shares of this article and I really wish you the best of luck in your half marathon training.